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Great cultural holidays : tasting the best french wine !

France and wine, these two terms are now inseparable. A long history that began with the Greeks who planted the first vineyards in the south of Gaul. From the second century BC J.C., the Gallo-Romans are taken over to develop wine production today.

The wine roads of France

The route of the luxury wine tourism in France began in the Middle Ages and has been perfected over centuries. Moreover, the producers continue improving the drink. To better make known to tourists, they have created a system to allow travelers to discover and appreciate the treasures in their region. Now it is estimated the number of wine tourists to 5 million French and 2.5 million foreigners a year. The luxury wine tourism in france is increasing each year according to statistics. This course also demonstrates the importance of wine in France both for certified oenologists or simple walkers thirsty for beautiful walks.

Some tips

Each region of France defends his wine as the best. However, oenologists settle the debate by stating that each region adds its touch of originality in his drink. For a wine tour, it should visit the places with wine tastings. Located in the South of France, Chateau Carrasses is the symbol of a wine spot in the heart of the Languedoc vineyards. Residents can stay there in a home brings back the roots to continue the tradition. Guests will demonstrate the skills of artisans of Languedoc wine that is reputed to be among the best. Included in the stay, a wine tasting with great stories to tell the adventures of wine enthusiasts in the region. A place where winemakers can enjoy and participate in the workshops of introduction to the wines is the villa Lemonade. In addition to a luxurious stay, the workshop allows to taste four wines to define the best.

Cultural holidays in France are mainly focused on the course of the wine. Each region has its own history and production, which deserves discovery and learning.