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Escape for a day with an easy boat hire

You have surely decided to hire a boat for a trip or for holidays. It may be your first time so you need to have some tips so as to avoid certain mistakes. Here are therefore some tips for boat rentals.

Safety !

You should know that safety is the wish of everyone who wants to embark himself in something new or not. It is extremely important that you and your loved ones remain safe! Ensure that your boat is leased out from a reputable company and that all safety equipment is on board and working. Boating laws to the extreme should be followed! Remember: no alcohol should be used by the operator of the boat during your boating trip!

Sun shield !

Since we are talking about boat hire, we should consider the sun factor. It is a factor that does not need to be neglected because of its impact on our body. If reflected on water, the bright sunlight has a greater effect on your skin, so pick up and use a lot of sunscreen. Make sure you have a cap with a wide border – they’re elegant too – if your skin is fair or prone to heat.

Amaze yourself

Discover what the sun has to offer while on boat and benefit from the wellbeing it offers. Start your cruise early in the morning to feel the light in the morning and make sure you get into the boat at night. It will be unforgettable to refine the bright colors of the sunset!

Prefer a captain's boat !

You can rely on Into the Blue – Boat Rental when you are a novice for boating. A boat and a professional captain will be arranged for you, who guarantees a safe and reckless voyage tailored to your requirements. Whether you're new to a boat or an experienced captured, Into the Blue-Boat Rental is a good way to hire a boat. We've got a small fleet of brand new motor boats with all the facilities needed on the sea for a day!