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What would you like to do at Les Mimosas campsite?

In the south west of France in the linguistic and cultural region of southern Europe, there is a paradise town open to the Mediterranean, namely the town of Roquebrun. If you are curious, open to culture and discovery, come and camp at Mimosas, a unique camping in South of France. Once installed, you can feast on an unparalleled nature. A campsite between sea and mountains. A natural place for the daring and calm who seek to rest in nature. A moderate Mediterranean climate for better relaxation by the sea. Rich and diversified water sports activities for an adventure of guaranteed fun. For more information on the place and its leisure activities, please continue the rest of the article.

An exceptional nature combining sea and mountain

In a cool village with a Mediterranean climate, Rocquebrun welcomes its visitors for an exceptional discovery at the Les Mimosas campsite. The strategic location of this camping in South of France gives you the advantage of a holiday in the heart of the countryside surrounded by thick pine wood forests, and wide and wide lakes for a memorable Roquebrun canoe adventure. At Les Mimosas campsite, you can enjoy a spontaneous hike in the middle of the mountains and enjoy picking wild mushrooms.

Or go for a discovery of mimosas in its Mediterranean flora paradise "the Mediterranean garden of Roquebrun". By the sea, you can go to the discovery of the Mediterranean sea and take a dive in its deep sea and feast on its marine fauna. But, what most characterizes camping in South of France Les Mimosas, is the rich and diversified leisure activities. In Roquebrun, water sports cannot go unnoticed

An ideal opportunity to discover water sports

For a simple canoe ride or a real Kayak adventure. Here, on Lake Perrin, the practice of water sports is a real ritual. Canoeing in Rocquebrun, an expert in canoe rental in the Orb valley, promises you an exceptional adventure on board its canoes. Several routes are offered to adventurers. Short courses of 5 to 10 kilometers for beginners athletes or those looking for simple and accessible discovery.

A circuit that starts from the Haut Lacdocs natural park and ends with a landscape combining culture and nature with its continuous river, its old bridge and its medieval tower. Or another 10-kilometer route from Viassan to Roquebrun. It is a fairly rocky route for discovering the cliffs of camps and Gorges d'Hérics. For fans of water sports, you can enjoy a long circuit of 15 to 21 km. Between Tarassac-Roquebrun or Colombières-Roquebrun, you have a wide choice. Between mountains, banks and a slide the adventure continues.