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You have several opportunities for relaxation this summer, but if you have opted for a cruise, it is above all to enjoy the sun, hot water and beautiful sandy beaches. Compare shipping agencies and take a look at Samboat.

Choose a platform that gives you more options

According to Samboat's display, it now has more than 30,000 boats moored in thousands of docks for 1,400 destinations. Europe is a dream destination for the French, but there are some countries where private renting is prohibited like Croatia. So, to satisfy his customers who do not have any wrinkles or a bank account in Switzerland, Samboat works with professional agencies that compete to seduce its customers. But other destinations are more liberated, like Greece, Italy and others. One can also make a comparison live on the comparative system of the website here in order to find the best pleasure boats for this destination. Which means that the proposals are tailor-made and that surely each budget has its itinerary.

Complete rubrics of Samboat

Samboat offers choices of motorboats, sailboats, but also class boats like motor yachts or sailing, and another proposal for those who are fans of water sports. Each boat offered by this agency requires a boat license, when they are more than 6 hp, it is necessary to pass a training of coastal. Samboat can boost you to have this boat license in the shortest possible time, it is enough that you arrive on the base a few days before the boat. Samboat also offers you the heading for the good gesture of a good sailor. Everything is configured in there, even the instructions for the inventory of the boat before boarding.

It also gives you copies of trips that customers have already started, and it has been a great feat for them.