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Best French vineyards

A trip to be full of passion even if the trip itself is a passion. But if you travel in order to satisfy a specific passion as a passion for wine, the trip will be more attractive. As a passion for wine, you must know that France is one of the best destinations if you really want to enjoy all the attractions offered by the wine. Of course, knowing the history of wine and France will be more of an asset to be able to appreciate even more the wine.

France has a wine history

Luxury wine tourism in france begins with specific knowledge of the history between the relationship of wine and France. For this, we must first learn that in France, only a wild vine sported the plains of the future Gaul. The Celts who were the first inhabitants of this region were not using this vine to make wine at that time because the people much preferred beer. Some years later, the Greeks came and they established wine culture starting with Massalia Marseille. The real strength of the Greeks at that time, was having knowledge in viticulture and commerce, to easily explain the expansion of wine throughout France at that time. Of course, the Romans came to conquer Gaul and were highly developed within wine culture.

France's vineyards

With this rich wine history, we therefore note that there are many sites in France that will offer wine. The first of the long list will be the region of Alsace, between the massive Vogien and the plain of Alsace, the famous vineyards known worldwide. Armagnac is without doubt all alone facing this reputation. On the vermilion coast is Banyuls which will offer large renowned wine which will delight all fans. Fame twelve appellations of Beaujolais is a must-wine site too. Of course, it will be a must to try the wine of Bellet which will offer a sumptuous wine came from ancient times because the vineyard is the oldest in France. The wines of Bergerac and Bordeaux in the South West are also famous worldwide you can also visit the New Stay thereafter. Bugey aves with its white DOC wines, red and rosé will be the next destination too.